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12) Jade Biggins 
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Monday, 23 April 2012 17:49 Write a comment

Hi we were just wondering if you had any spare time to visit our pre -school children who jusy loved the book The Tiger who came to tea. We are presently rehersing for our graduation concert and we have made a script adapted from the book and the children are enjoying this drama . We have a small problem we don't have any music to accompany this can you help thanks so much for your help.
Dear Jade,

Thanks for your message. Delighted to hear that the children enjoy THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA. I’m afraid I don’t think it will be possible for me to visit your school, because I am not planning to be in Scotland in the near future, much as I love it there!

You can listen to the songs from my own adaptation of THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA. They are in the SIGHTS AND SOUNDS section of my website. If you are not intending to give a public performance, there would be no objection to you using one or two of the songs, particularly the title song, which might be the most useful for you.

All good wishes to you and the children. Enjoy acting out TIGER!

Best wishes.

11) tom.martyn 
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Thursday, 19 April 2012 16:37 Write a comment

cool thank you for comeing to st.bernadette,s your books are good cool can you write a story about the titanic cool
Dear Tom,

Thanks for your message. I enjoyed my visit to St. Bernadette’s very much. Glad you like my books.

Why don’t you try writing your own story about the Titanic!

All good wishes.

10) Dorothy Edmiston 
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 11:31 Write a comment

Hello David,

I am a staff member at Somerset Nursery for children aged 0-5. The children adore the story "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" and I believe you wrote the words and lyrics of the music from the West End show. Can you tel me if it is posible to buy a CD of the music for the children to enjoy along with the story?

Kind Regards,

Dorothy Edmiston.
Dear Dorothy,

Thanks for your message.

Delighted to hear that the children love Judith Kerr’s classic book, THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA. Both my daughters loved the book too, and I was thrilled to be asked to adapt it for the stage. The production is currently on tour again, but sadly I don’t think it comes anywhere near Glasgow! However, we are returning to the West End, to the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, for a summer season opening on July 4th.

We hope very much that it might be possible to produce a CD of the songs. You are not the first person to ask! But, as yet, there are some copyright obstacles to overcome.

But you may be interested to know that if you go to the SIGHT & SOUNDS section of my website, you will find the songs in the TIGER section. Hopefully you will be able to play them to the children direct from the computer!

All good wishes.

9) helen pengelly 
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Monday, 16 April 2012 11:03 Write a comment

Hello David.
I was hearing all about Matilda yesterday & it reminded me of the BFG, dramatised by you! I took my little boy to see it in BRistol & even came to the stage door because we had met previously in Waford Palace theatre group. They were good days & I was pleased to see your career develop. I became pharmacist not an actor!!!! All the best
Dear Helen,

Thank you so much for your message.

MATILDA was the one that got away, as far as I was concerned! I did some work on it with the songwriters Stiles and Drewe 15 or more years ago, but we never won favour with the Dahls! They were obviously right to say we couldn’t have the rights, because they now have a huge success on their hands! But I am certainly not complaining. The Dahls have very kindly allowed me to adapt 8 of the great man’s classic novels. THE BFG, which you saw with your little boy in Bristol, was the first. Since then I have been privileged to adapt THE WITCHES, JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, THE TWITS, FANTASTIC MR FOX, DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, GEORGE’S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE and most recently, THE MAGIC FINGER. They have all had considerable success, and I consider myself very fortunate! A new tour of JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH starts at the end of the year.

Memories of Watford came flooding back! Working with the TIE team there in 1967 was one of my very first jobs, and I think I learnt a lot! Giles Havergal kindly invited me to stay on and be in the pantomime, which was also a great experience.

Many thanks indeed for taking the trouble to write.

All good wishes.

8) Hana Jamil 
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Friday, 23 March 2012 16:19 Write a comment

hi i like your ginger bread man book, your moles bedtime story and the magic book. they are really cool. i looked your books up and now saving up to my some more!
your books are really great and funny and they are books that can inspire people.
Dear Hana,

Thank you so much for your TWO messages!

It was good to hear that you enjoyed my visit to the school, and that you like my books. Hopefully they will inspire you to read lots more books, by lots of other authors. Also, I hope they might inspire you to write some of your own stories!

Enjoy you Easter holiday!

Thanks for writing.

Best wishes.

7) Hana Jamil 
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Thursday, 22 March 2012 15:53 Write a comment

hi im from st bernadettes catholic primary school and i would like to say i enjoyed it when you came. i love your books.
6) Adams Class 
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Thursday, 22 March 2012 15:11 Write a comment

We really enjoyed meeting you and hope you enjoyed being at our school today.
smile We really like your books and magic. We were wondering if you would write a story about the Tudors, as we have been learning about this topic and have reallllllly enjoyed it or write a story about our school?
Happy Easter!
Dear Adams Class,

Thank you very much for your message.

It was very good to hear that you enjoyed my visit to the school. I had a great day too!

Very pleased you like my books and my magic. Hopefully you will all be reading lots of books over the Easter holiday!
I will think about writing a story about the Tudors. There is a very good theatre production about the TERRIBLE TUDORS touring at the moment! You could look on the Birmingham Stage Company website to find out if it is coming anywhere near you!

For me to write a story about your school would be very difficult, having only visited it for one day! Much better would be for YOU to write about your school!

Happy Easter!

All good wishes.

5) dawn 
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Saturday, 3 March 2012 20:35 Write a comment

dear david, Back in 1980/81 i made a record with u in abbey road studios,I attended alfarthing school in wandsworth,I was hoping u could help me im trying to get a copy of it for my daughter as i sing her some of the songs i still remember she loves them,many thanks Dawn
Dear Dawn,

Thank you for your message.

I was delighted to hear that you were one of the choir on THE DAVID WOOD SONGBOOK! It was quite a long time ago, wasn't it! But I remember those rehearsals and the sessions at Abbey Road with great pleasure.

You can hear all the songs in the SIGHTS AND SOUNDS section of the website.

And I will send you a separate e-mail with details of how to get a copy.

All good wishes.

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Monday, 6 February 2012 11:23 Write a comment


We are an events company, and we are interested in your plays. Need to know possibility of having them in Cairo, Egypt.

Dear Zeina,

Thank you for your message.

I am always interested in my plays being performed in different countries! THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA has just been in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Please expect an email from me to explain how I rarely produce my own plays these days, so if you are looking for existing up-and-running productions, it may be tricky,... apart from TIGER!

But many of my plays are produced in other countries by local producers.

All good wishes, David.
3) Anne Biss 
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Saturday, 4 February 2012 22:16 Write a comment

Dear David,
I recently cleared some records and found The David Wood Songbook with the Allfarthing School Choir. I was a teacher at the school and worked with Pat Quarmby who taught music. Many of the children in the choir were in my class.
Finding the record has vividly brought back memories of your visits to the school and our taking the children to see the Gingerbread Man - I still often think of the Old Tea Bag who lived on the top shelf, even though I am now in my sixties! Perhaps she reminded me of someone!?
Anyway I am pleased to see that you are still going strong and still bringing much joy and many memories to newer generations.
Best wishes

Dear Anne,

Thank you for your message.

It was a real treat to be reminded of Allfarthing School Choir and the wonderful Pat Quarmby, who did such a wonderful job teaching, encouraging, praising and stretching the children. Chris Walker, the musical arranger/director with whom I was working on THE DAVID WOOD SONGBOOK, was really impressed by the quality and musicianship of the choir. We still meet and correspond occasionally, and Pat is always mentioned! I kept in touch with her and the lovely Bert, her piano-playing husband, for many years. She was a true inspiration.

Only last year, one of the girls in the choir contacted me via the website with happy memories of recording at Abbey Road Studios! I was able to send her a copy of the record - she had lost hers!

Another teacher I see often is Christine Leuw (Ball), whom, by coincidence, I had known since we were teenagers.

If you would like me to send you a cassette version of the SONGBOOK, feel free to ask! I'm afraid it is not on CD! But you can listen to the tracks in the SIGHTS AND SOUNDS section of the website.

I do hope you are happy and busy in your retirement. You are, I am sure, not an Old Bag! By another coincidence, yesterday I was on the telephone to the second actress ever to play the Old Teabag. She is now 81 years old! But I'm glad to say that the play is still very much alive, particularly in Germany. And I am currently talking to a West End theatre producer about a revival of THE GINGERBREAD MAN, which would be exciting.

All good wishes, and thank you so much for getting in touch.

2) judith borick 
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Saturday, 4 February 2012 21:54 Write a comment

Each year I produce a Musical for 150 children 5 to 11 years of age at Columba College in Dunedin. In the last 6 years I have used musicals by Sheila Wilson and Debbie Campbell. Could you advise me of a suitable musical lasting 45 to an hour duration.

Dear Judith,

Thanks for your message.

I can suggest two of my musicals for children to perform. First, DINOSAURS AND ALL THAT RUBBISH, based on the book by Michael Foreman. It has an environmental theme, and very enjoyable music by Peter Pontzen. Samuel French publish and license the play. I think Samuel French have agents in both Australia and New Zealand. But if there is a problem, try emailing Amanda Smith at the London office - I'm sure she will be helpful. There are video clips of the original production in the SIGHTS AND SOUND section of my website!

THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER'S lunch would also fit the bill. Based on the book by Ronda and David Armitage, this musical play is published by Josef Weinberger, complete with helpful CDs of the music. Look on their website, for more details.

Both plays employ a large number of children and have a running time of 45 - 60 minutes.

All good wishes, and good luck with your productions.

Best, David.
1) Hilary Blood 
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Saturday, 4 February 2012 20:59 Write a comment

Dear David, just a little note to say how much my family, friends and I enjoyed the recent performance of The BFG at the Derby Theatre. The actors and their puppets made it a great show, much fun was had by all. Well done. With regards, Hilary Blood.

Dear Hilary,

Thanks for your message.

Delighted that you all enjoyed THE BFG. So did I! I was delighted that it completed my Derby triple - SHAUN THE SHEEP, THE GO-BETWEEN and THE BFG!

All good wishes,

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