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As a result of this guestbook, over the last couple of years, I have been lucky enough to receive messages from all over the world. 

This has brightened up my life no end! 

When what is often a fairly hard grind at the desk turns into something that gives people pleasure performing and watching, the process doesn’t seem quite as lonely.

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Comments by Megan



Hi David,
I am a school teacher and am looking for the play, the witches? How can i get a copy of yours? Please let me know. Thank you so much...

Dear Megan,

Thank you for your message.

There are two versions of my adaptation of THE WITCHES.

First, the full version, as performed professionally and by amateur companies. This is published by Samuel French Ltd.

You can obtain it from them. I think it costs around £6.95. Ring them on 020 7387 9373

There is also the Puffin book, THE WITCHES: PLAYS FOR CHILDREN. For this book I adapted my own adaptation! I simplified the staging somewhat, and turned the one play into several short playlets, highlighting the different scenes in the play. This version has proved popular in schools.

You can obtain it through any bookshop. The ISBN no. is 0-14-131084-7.

All good wishes, and good luck with it.

Yours sincerely,



United States


Comments by Laura



As a child I used to watch the gingerbread man and it has took over a year to track u down. i couldnt remember its name! Is there anywhere I can buy the series? or even download it!

Dear Laura,

Thank you for your message.  And for your interest in THE GINGERBREAD MAN. Two videos were released, and, more recently, a DVD. I think your best bet is to look on Amazon, where copies are regularly available, both new and used.  You might also look on ebay. When searching, the title plus my name plus animation/tv series usually yields results!  But if you have any problems, come back to me and I will go on line for a search and then try to respond to your request in more exact detail!

All good wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Laura



David, I need the gingerbread man on dvd. any idea where i can buy it?


United Kingdom


Comments by Adrian (Big Ade) Phillips



David - the songs and video clips are fantastic. I can now prove to Daisy that daddy really was an actor! Cheers Adrian


United Kingdom


Comments by Karen



Hello David
Just found the songs and video clips on your website - excellent, really great. Thanks.


United Kingdom


Comments by David wood



My name is David wood too!! wow!


United Kingdom


Comments by Robin Hancock



Hi, David.
i am in desperate need of advice, where can i obtain a script for a childrens school pantomine,
it has been one of those last minute decisions to put on with little time to organise.
many thanks Robin.

Dear Robin,

Ring Samuel French Ltd.on 020 7387 9373 and ask to speak to the amateur department. Tell them what you want and they will suggest ideas. Or look them up on the internet. They list their plays.

Or go to Google and tap in 'children's pantomime scripts' and see what comes up.

Of my own plays, LADY LOLLIPOP might work. Or one of my other plays for children to perform. See my website!

Best wishes, David.


United Kingdom


Comments by manda



Hi David,
I'm part of Leeds Children's Theatre. We are currently rehearsing "The Ideal Gnome Expedition" Unfortunatley, our new stage will be painted black, any ideas how we are going to make the tar stand out to the audiences? Please help, our director's going mad.... book your seat now :D
thanks very much x


Dear Manda,

Sorry to hear about this problem! Can you have a section of material representing the tar? Maybe it could be on a frame, with the edges painted to looked like paving stones? Or a couple of traffic cones marking the area might create enough of an illusion.

Good luck with it! Hope your director doesn't go too mad!




United Kingdom


Comments by Isabelle Gatt



I asked around for theatre adaptations of Roald Dahl's works and was so delighted to be referred to your adaptations which came strongly recommended. I am in teacher training and for the past 4 years have been producing theatre for children with my final year students every year. I feel that this is the way to nurture a love for theatre in children and future teachers which is vital especially since I feel there is never enough theatre for children to go around.
I am interested in putting up the BFG this year - the space will be theatre in the round - do you know of any BFG productions that were done this way? I would really like to see a video of the production. Any clue who can help?
I will be in London end of November - will there be any of your productions then.
Thanks for your good work.

Dear Isabel,

I am glad you like my Roald Dahl adaptations. His imaginative stories really do work well on stage, although they are not always the easiest to adapt!

To do THE BFG in the round will be a challenge, but it is certainly not impossible, I don't think! I don't know of any other productions that have done it this way!

I am afraid there is no video available, but if you want to get in touch when you are in London, maybe we could meet up and talk about it. Or will you have already have produced the play?!

You might find it helpful to look at not only the Samuel French edition, but also the Puffin book THE BFG: PLAYS FOR CHILDREN, in which I have slightly simplified things staging-wise, so that children can perform the plays in school or in drama groups.

Something else I should tell you - there are now two accepted versions of THE BFG. The original one takes place as a play within a play at a child's birthday party. The second version, which is called the Seattle version, omits the framing device. I can probably organise a copy of this for you via Samuel French if you want it.

When you come to London, my adaptation of TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN will be on at the brand new Unicorn Theatre, which is opening that very month - November! It is near Tower Bridge, on the Thames.

Good luck with your studies!

All good wishes,

David Wood




Comments by karen roberts



We saw a performance of The Gingerbread Man at NYSTI in Troy, NY several years ago. Are there any performances currently scheduled? My kids would love to see it again. We have worn out the audio tape and will be purchasing a new one soon. Are video tapes/DVD's of the performance available? I may have already asked you this and I think the answer was no, but we keep wishing. It was fabulous!!

Dear Karen Roberts,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there is no video of THE GINGERBREAD MAN available. There was a television version of the stage play, which was shown on Channel 4 in the UK. I would love to see this released on video and will make enquiries.

I do have copies available of the audio cassette. Maybe they still have some at NYSTI.

THE GINGERBREAD MAN will be 30 years old in 2006! I am hoping very much to mount a production of the play in London to celebrate!

All good wishes,

David Wood

David Wood


United States


Comments by David P May



Hi David!
If a childhood memory serves me correctly, you were one of the presenters of the Jackanory presentation of Tolkien's "The Hobbit". I remember Bernard Cribbins playing Bilbo Baggins in it but can't remember who else was in the performance. I'd be very interested to hear your recollections of making it.


Dear David

You are absolutely right. I was one of the presenters of the JACKANORY presentation of THE HOBBIT. It was a special event, because the story was spread over 2 weeks (10 episodes), to celebrate (I think) the 2000th edition of JACKANORY. Normally, as you will remember, only one presenter told the story. For THE HOBBIT we had four. Bernard Cribbins, Maurice Denham, Jan Francis and myself. We had great fun doing it. Maurice, who died not long ago at an advanced age, was the ultimate radio actor, who was also pretty wonderful on screen! He was brilliant at doing different voices. Jan was probably best known then for her work in children's serials.

We recorded the programmes at the old Lime Grove studios. I think we shot them all over a weekend. I remember we found out that GRANDSTAND was going out live in the studio next door, presented by Des Lynham. Bernard and I, very naughtily (!), crept into the studio and were tempted to help out with the football results ...

My other enduring memory is that I had to sit on a low rostrum covered with what appeared to be earth! I kept having the distinct impression of ants in my pants, or worse!

Some years ago we were all approached to see if we would be willing to allow a video of THE HOBBIT to be released. As far as I know the project never got off the ground because the copyright holders wouldn't allow yet another version to come on the market. Perhaps the tapes still exist somewhere! It would be fun to see how it stands up ...

All good wishes,



United Kingdom


Comments by Christine Rees



Our amatour theatre company -Cardigan Theatre- put on a production of Hijack over Hygenia about twenty odd years ago (doesn't time fly!)
We would love to do it again but are concerned about the "Hijack" word. I've just read on your excellent site that
someone applied for permission to change the work to "Hijinx". I think this is a great idea. How do I seek the same permission- through Sameul French ?


Dear Christine Rees,

Delighted to hear that your company might like to put on, for the second time, a production of HIJACK OVER HYGENIA. This is one of my favourites, but it doesn't get done enough, in my view!

I am very happy for the word HIJACK to be changed to HIJINX. As you say, this has been done already, and I am quite sure there will be no problem if you apply as usual through Samuel French and mention to them the fact that we have corresponded about it.

In fact I may contact them anyway and remind them of what happened when we last received this request!

Good luck with it!

All good wishes,



United Kingdom


Comments by Hermann Augesky



Hi David!
I found your homepage after persistent searching in the web for a play I had seen back in 1980 (a really long time ago :-) ) at the Chichester Festival Theatre (exactly Wed. 4th June 1980). I only rembered that it was about Scott and Amundsen, but neither title nor author or actors. All I knew was, the play and its performance had been very impressive to me. (It really must have been if you still don't forget it after 25 years). Finally I found the name of the play: "Terra Nova" by Ted Tally and two of the actors: You and Hywel Bennett. In the meantime I found the director's name too: Peter Dew.
Now my question: Do You still remember the full cast? Or do You know where I can get this information?
Many thanks for this great evening Yours sincerely
Hermann Augesky
from Vienna, Austria


Dear Hermann,

Thank you for your message, which brought back happy memories of the summer of 1980! I was particularly happy to be working at Chichester, because I was at school in this city, and watched the theatre as it was being built! Then, in the second season, in 1963, I was an extra in two plays.

Terra Nova was, as you say, written by Ted Tally, a young Canadian writer, who later found fame as the writer of the screenplay of the movie SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. The play was directed by Peter Dews and designed by Pamela Howard. The lighting was particularly effective, I think. It was designed by Mick Hughes. By coincidence, he and I worked together in the late 60's, in a small regional theatre in Worcester. In fact he directed two of my early children's plays, THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT WENT TO SEE ... and THE PLOTTERS OF CABBAGE PATCH CORNER.

The cast was as follows:

Captain Robert Scott - Hywel Bennett

Roald Amundsen - Benjamin Whitrow

Kathleen Scott - Helen Ryan

Lieutenant Henry Bowers - David Wood

Dr. Edward Wilson - Martin Sadler

Captain Lawrence Oates - Peter Birch

Petty Officer Edgar Evans - Christopher Neame

The play was very well received, and we all hoped it would transfer to London. Unfortunately this never happened and, although there have been a couple of productions since, the play has remained largely unknown in the UK. A shame, because I think it is a very imaginative and theatrical version of the true story.

All good wishes,

Yours sincerely,





Comments by Annika Cederborg



Dear David Wood,
A am a buyer of children's programs at Sveriges Television (public broadcaster of Sweden) and I wonder if you could send me a preview copy of THE GINGERBREAD MAN, so that I can evaluate if it is suitable for transmission on our channels. My address is: Annika Cederborg, Sveriges Televison, 105 10 Stockholm, Sweden.
Thank you in advance.
Acquisitions Executive/Children and Youth


Dear Annika Cederborg,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Are you talking about the animation series THE GINGERBREAD MAN? If so, I will ask my agent who is responsible for its distribution. 13 episodes were made by FilmFair.

The original play upon which the series was based was televised in the UK by Channel Four. If you are thinking of this programme, which uses actors performing the play as if in a theatre with children watching and responding, let me know and I can make similar enquiries.

All good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

David Wood




Comments by David Wood



Greetings from "another" David Wood.
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
Considerably less talented.
Best Wishes !
=David Wood=


Dear Namesake!

Delighted to hear from you. I'm afraid our name is pretty common, isn't it? In the UK there are at least two other writers, specialising in work for children, with the name David Wood!

However, I was delighted to hear from you, because a couple of years ago I had a very happy few days in your home town. Albuquerque Little Theatre invited me to do some talks and workshops. They have presented a couple of my plays including BABE, THE SHEEP-PIG. I much enjoyed meeting Larry Parker, who runs the theatre, and many of his associates and performing members and students. It is a splendid theatre and a splendid town! Great hospitality!

All good wishes,

Another David Wood


United States


Comments by Stacie Toups



Mr. Wood,
I am currently directing the children's play "Tickle" that you wrote and I have some questions. I'm having a real hard time with a few things but this being my first time directing that's not surprising! My theatre, the Imogene Little Theatre in Milton, Florida does a children's production every year to put on for the kids in all the schools in the county. This one was not chosen by me and no one seems to want to really help. Since you wrote this cute play, I thought I could pick your brain briefly. One question that is very important is this: Do you know of any way to get a CD of the music or is it just in sheet music form? I have no idea how anyone could have put this on with only six kids. I've cast almost 20 and could have cast 10 more easily. That's what's really nice about this play because I can use all of the kids that showed up for auditions. There are very few plays that allow that and I'm grateful. I know I'm asking a lot but it would mean the world to me. I can tell you what I've done and maybe you could tell me if I'm being a complete idiot or not. You see, I've been acting for 5 years but have never directed. I have been directed by some of the best but this is my first time on my own. Any insight you could give me would be so very appreciated! Thank you for reading this.
Stacie Toups
Weary and Confused Director


Dear Stacie Toups,

Thank you for your message. I am very pleased that you are doing a production of TICKLE. This play certainly seems to work well.

The reason why the number of actors in the original production was so small is that it was a professional company who could not afford to pay more than half a dozen actors! The play was also written so that actors can play several parts.

However, it is much more fun to have a large cast, particularly if your actors are children. So you are doing exactly the right thing.

I am afraid there is no CD available of the music. It is just in sheet music form. The tunes are very simple, and could be sung unaccompanied, or with percussion accompaniment. They might even be spoken in rhythm in a kind of rap style.

Let me know how it goes! Very good luck with it.

Best wishes,



United States


Comments by Thomas Ramsay



Hi David,
I am a great collecter of your plays I think they are really clever how you write them. One day I would like to be in one of your Roald Dahl plays because they are so good. I've seen James And The Giant Peach twice one in scotland by THE BIRMINGHAM STAGE COMPANY and in london by POLKA THEATRE both were very different. PLEASE REPLY
Thomas Ramsay

Dear Thomas,

Thank you so much for your message. It's great that you enjoy the Roald Dahl plays. And I am interested to hear that you saw the two different productions of JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. It always is interesting to me how different productions can be, even when they are using the same script! That's one of the exciting things about theatre.

Maybe one day soon you will be in one of the plays. I am sure you will enjoy it.

I have just heard that my adaptation of DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD will be starting a long tour in 2006. I hope you will be able to see it!

Also, you may be interested to know that my adaptation of TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN is due to open the brand new Unicorn Theatre in London in November.

All good wishes,




United Kingdom


Comments by Chris Kingswell



I met you in 1997 when you came to the school I was working at. I bought a copy of Bedtime Story from you which has delighted my son, daughter and the children who have been in my nursery class since this date. Unfortunately my 2 year old daughter has been a little heavy handed helping mole climb into the various different beds and the book is now in a very fragile state and almost beyond repair. "Bedtime Story" is one of her favourites and we would also like our newborn son to enjoy it when he is older but have been unable to find a copy in any bookshop or in any website. Do you have any copies left that I would be able to purchase from you?
Yours hopefully


Dear Chris,

Many thanks for your email.

I can provide FUNNY BUNNY'S MAGIC SHOW for £6 inc. postage.


No SILLY SPIDER, I'm afraid, and no plans to republish.

But the good news is that Random House are to republish BEDTIME STORY next year! Richard Fowler is doing new artwork as I write this email! Please look out for it. Sorry I have no copies of the original.

Incidentally, I can provide the other two MOLE books, MOLE'S SUMMER STORY and MOLE'S WINTER STORY for £6 each inc. postage. They use the same pop-through-the-slot idea.

All good wishes,



United Kingdom


Comments by Jonathan Sloman



Dear David,
After attending a show at the King's Head this weekend, I was surprised to find out that one of their first shows was a revue called Down Upper Street and which starred, quote, "various Pythons". I was more surprised to discover after an internet search that you were the revue's writer (along with John Gould, who later co-authored The Money Song from Monty Python's Flying Circus). I'm a huge Monty Python fan and am surprised that none of the Python biographies have mentioned this revue, one of only a handful of live gigs performed by the Pythons while the TV series was still current. I wonder if you could tell me any more about this lost piece of Python history, such as which Pythons were involved and what sort of material they performed. You wouldn't happen to have an original script for it lying about the place, would you (let alone a recording)?
It's funny being reminded of your existence after all these years. I used to love the TV series Chish 'N Fips - saw the live show at The Unicorn and owned the annual. And when I saw your magic show I was invited on stage and was given your record, which I still have. Maybe I'll give it a spin after I've finished typing this message.
All the best,


Dear Jonathan,

Many thanks for your message.

I was delighted to hear that you were a fan of CHISH 'N' FIPS. You must have been one of the few to have the annual. Unfortunately it was not an annual at all, it only came out once!

Incidentally, I don't think you saw the show at Unicorn. Probably you saw it at Sadler's Wells.

Fancy you helping me in my MAGIC AND MUSIC SHOW! Next month the show goes on tour in Scotland! I don't think it has changed much since your day!

Now, on to your main point ... DOWN UPPER STREET. I think the King's Head were exaggerating a bit! The credits of the revue were as follows. Cast: Christopher Dunham, John Gould, Joyce Rae, James Warwick and The London Black Theatre (I don't remember exactly what they did!).

The show was directed by Teddy Rhodes who, I think, worked for Thames Television.

The show was written by John Gould, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and myself, with music by John Gould.

I seem to remember that most of the sketches were not new. They had been done in various revues at Oxford and after. Mike and Terry were virtually contemporaries of ours (Gould and Wood) - we had all been involved with HANG DOWN YOUR HEAD AND DIE. And after leaving Oxford, Mike and Terry, with music by Gould, wrote a pantomime - ALADDIN - for the Palace Theatre, Watford, Christmas 1967. John Gould was in the pit playing the piano and I was playing Wishy Washy! It was directed by Giles Havergal, who later went on to great success at the Citizens', Glasgow. Also in the cast were Amanda Barrie and Maureen Lipman.

I had nothing to do with the rehearsals of DOWN UPPER STREET, and I don't have a copy of the script. John Gould is very good at keeping things and has created his own archive. Why don't you drop him a line and ask him for more information?

I will e-mail you his address.

All good wishes,



United Kingdom


Comments by David Richardson



I just came across your website and thought I'd drop a note being a Chi Hi OB and also having worked at the bingo at the Theatre Royal along with Tony Horne. Many fond memories of Vic Freeman, Tony Smith and the others. Congratulations on a distinguished career. Best regards.
David Richardson




Comments by Ric



Hi David
I see you have quite a following! And have a lot of interest in helping kids to have fun at being expresive. I am helping a friend who has begun on a journey herself, to help children with expanding their creativeness by listening and writing children's stories. Sharri is a home educator with lots of enthusiasm to pass on her skills on how to encourage children who need a helping hand at home.
I hope it is not too cheaky to ask a favour of you to take a look at her site http://www.dancingleaf.co.uk or give her an email at sharri@dancingleaf.co.uk and perhaps exchange some ideas or any guidence you may like to give.

Dear Ric,

Thanks for your message. I have had a look at Sharri's web site and sent her a message. It looks as though she is doing some very interesting things. I wonder if she has joined Action for Children's Arts yet? I am Chair of this organisation, which could be quite useful to her, I think.

Maybe she would like to check out the ACA web site, www.childrensarts.org.uk.

All good wishes,




United Kingdom


Comments by Helen Tinkler



Dear David,
Thank you for writing such marvellously memorable books, for the fantastic play creations which you have produced and the wonderful connection you make with children. My 2 boys (11 and 5) love your work and were thrilled to see The Witches at The Rep last year. I must also say that I was mesmerised by the film If...., and was amazed from your photographs here that you look so much the same! Would it be possible to receive a signed photograph of you to put inside one of our books. We look forward very much to your new books and plays.
Kind regards
Helen Tinkler

Dear Helen,

So glad THE WITCHES went down well!

It is difficult to accept that IF.... was made nearly forty years ago! The memories are very vivid still! I recently introduced the film at the National Film Theatre and it all came flooding back!

I am sending you an email.

Best wishes,



United Kingdom


Comments by Adrian



Hello Mr W. Long time no speak. Just touching base to see how you are (although I do know because I speak to Katherine so much). Must bring Daisy to one of your shows soon. Warmest regards Adrian


United Kingdom


Comments by Sheryl



Sheryl, we seem to have lost your e-mail address and so can not send you an e-mail with the information you need....

Please could you send another guestbook message, including your e-mail address so David will be able to communicate with you.


Hi there

My two babies absolutely love Funny Bunny Magic Show. I was wondering where I can buy Silly Spider as I think they will love that as much?

I cant find it any where to buy. If you could tell me other titles where you can post things through the pages i would be grateful.

Many thanks for the many hours of entertainment you provided.

Dear Sheryl,

Delighted to hear that FUNNY BUNNY'S MAGIC SHOW is a hit in your household. This is a book I show children in my school visits, so I know how well it works.

SILLY SPIDER is no longer available, although I understand you can find copies on Amazon.co.uk, so it might be worth trying there. There are several other books using the same pop-through-the-slot principle, which was devised by my illustrator colleague Richard Fowler.

MOLE'S SUMMER STORY and MOLE'S WINTER STORY are available from me, and I will send you a separate email to tell you how to purchase them.

The first book featuring Mole was BEDTIME STORY, which became very popular and was published in a dozen languages. We have just heard that Random House hope to republish this book, with new artwork by Richard, next year. Fingers crossed! Thanks for your interest.

All good wishes,

Yours, David


United Kingdom


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