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The David Wood Song Book

You don't have to see shows to enjoy the songs which exist in their own right.

So fourteen of them from eleven different shows have been recorded as the David Wood Song Book.

  Song Title YouTube  iTunes
The Gingerbread Man from The Gingerbread Man;
The Jumblies Song from The Owl and the Pussycat Went to See...;
Getting Ready for Christmas from Mother Goose's Golden Christmas;
A Washing Machine from Aladdin;
If Wishes were Horses from Old Mother Hubbard ;
The Turkey's Song from The the Owl and the Pussycat went to see...;
Old Father Time from Old Father Time;
The Funky Monkey from Cinderella;
When You're Feeling Worried from Mother Goose's Golden Christmas;
Sitting Fishing from The Ideal Gnome Expedition;
Grow from There Was An Old Woman;
Chocolate Children from Nutcracker Sweet;
Till Today Becomes Tomorrow from There Was An Old Woman;
If Only from Babes in the Magic Wood.

The songs are sung by the Allfarthing School Choir and (but don't let it put you off!) David Wood himself.

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