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A play by David Wood.
Based on the book by Dick King-Smith.

Published by Walker Book - the first play they ever published.  The play was first performed in 2005 by Farmborough Primary School, near Bath, the school where Dick King-Smith used to teach.

This is an adaptation of Dick King-Smith’s delightful book, LADY LOLLIPOP.  After I had successfully adapted his book THE SHEEP-PIG into the play BABE, THE SHEEP-PIG, Dick asked me if I might be interested to adapt LADY LOLLIPOP.  I read it and much enjoyed the book, but didn’t feel it was a play suitable for performance by professionals or amateurs in theatres.  It seemed to me that it was ideal for performance by children in schools.  Walker Books were keen on the idea, and published a book version, with delightful illustrations by Jill Barton, who illustrated Dick’s original book.

Penelope, a spoiled Princess, wants a pig.  The one she chooses comes complete with a young pig-keeper called Johnny, who ends up training Penelope to be a nicer person, to the great relief of her parents.  Lady Lollipop the pig excels herself in the eyes of the Queen by helping her produce prize-winning roses by rootling among them and methodically doing her ‘business’ under each bush.  Children love the story, which is just a little bit rude, and enjoy performing the play.

Performance rights in the play are handled by Samuel French Ltd., a Concord Theatricals Company, Aldwych House, 71-91 Aldwych, London WC2B 4HN for all amateur performances. For other performance rights, apply to Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd., Waverley House, 7-12 Noel Street, London, W1F 8GQ.