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The Tiger Who Came To Tea
Adapted for the stage by David Wood, from the book by Judith Kerr.

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BBC Breakfast invited me to talk about the show and its West End summer season. Click to see the interview.

Produced by Kenny Wax Ltd. and Nick Brooke Ltd. on a long UK national tour in 2008, opening at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London.  A second tour began in 2011, including a West End summer season at the Vaudeville Theatre.

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The Tiger Who Came To TeaThis is a musical adaptation of the classic picture book by Judith Kerr. 

A tiger arrives at Sophie and her Mummy's door and invites himself to tea. 

He eats and drinks everything in the kitchen, including 'all the water in the tap'. 

Daddy returns from work and the family have an exciting drive and walk through the dark streets to a cafe, where they have a tasty supper.

Click here to visit the official website, featuring a video trailer and photos of the production
The play uses magic and illusion to create the impression that the tiger is eating everything.  There are 3 actors.  Sophie and Mummy, plus Daddy, who also plays the milkman, the postman and ..... the Tiger!
 Devon Black (Mummy) Abbey Norman (Sophie) & Alan Atkins (Tiger) PIC 1 Credit Bob Workman

' .... in the safe and experienced hands of writer/director David Wood.  While most of the audience is familiar with the book, he still has the knack of surprising them with imaginative touches as well as

always encouraging audience participation ......... the very young kids loved every minute .......... the clever use of trickery when the tiger is gobbling up food around Sophie's house is inspired.' 
The Stage, 10th September 2008.

'With catchy songs and gentle humour, this adaptation of the children's classic offers the perfect treat for kids.'
Birmingham Mail. 20th April 2011.

'This classic of children's literature has now been adapted into a musical show, but is it as good as the source work?  The answer is  .... yes.  David Wood's songs are catchy, with accessible lyrics, and the comic potential of the show has really been brought out.  Kids will adore the greedy tiger who almost eats Sophie out of house and home.' 
Birmingham Post, 21st April 2011.

The play is as yet unpublished.  All rights controlled by Casarotto Ramsay Ltd.