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As a result of this guestbook, over the last couple of years, I have been lucky enough to receive messages from all over the world. 

This has brightened up my life no end! 

When what is often a fairly hard grind at the desk turns into something that gives people pleasure performing and watching, the process doesn’t seem quite as lonely.


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Comments by jayne murphy



One of my friends is looking for something you did called chish and fips (I think thats right). Could you please give me some information about buying any material to do with these characters .

Dear Jayne,

Thanks for your message. CHISH 'N' FIPS was a television series, but it started off as a stage play. It was commissioned by Liverpool Playhouse, and had the title CHISH 'N' FIPS, but after its first production, when I decided to tour the play, I changed the title to THE IDEAL GNOME EXPEDITION. Later on, the television producers wanted to go back to the original title! There is a cassette available of the songs from the television show. There was also an annual published (looking back, it seems a bit odd to call it an annual, because only one edition appeared!). There is also some sheet music of the songs. And the published text of the stage play is also available. I will send you a separate e-mail giving you more details.

All good wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Kathryn



A recent theatre visit reminded me off the Plotters. I was in the infant school and went to see it at the wimbledon theatre. I had a card cutout of characters and stage background which I kept ofr many years!
I still have fond memories and would love to know more about it and even see it in production again - please!

Dear Kathryn,

Delighted to hear that you still remember THE PLOTTERS OF CABBAGE PATCH CORNER. This was the first "original" play for children I wrote, and it still seems to be quite popular, particularly in Germany. I suppose it was a "green" play before anybody was talking about being green! But I didn't really think about that. It was simply meant as a story about insects in a garden. You must have seen the Whirligig Theatre production, in 1979. It was the first ever Whirligig tour. Clarks Shoes sponsored the tour, and provided the toy theatre cut-out you describe, complete with all the characters. I still have a few left! The production was directed by Sheila Falconer, a long-time associate. It was based on the original London production (seen at the Shaw Theatre for two Christmas seasons), directed by Jonathan Lynn, best known for having written YES, MINISTER! The wonderful Julia McKenzie played Ladybird. Before that, the very first production was at the Swan Theatre, Worcester in 1970. Greenfly was played by a very young Alison and talented Steadman! The play is published by Samuel French Ltd., but there is no recording of the songs, and no storybook version. Maybe I had better try and get a new production of this play mounted! Hopefully it hasn't dated too much!

Thanks for remembering it!



United Kingdom


Comments by nolan glue



My mother Katharine Walton would like to send you her regards. With fond memories of lodge hill days in Pulborough west Sussex. Also do you remember Di Guss and Dave Dover.

Dear Nolan,

Thanks for your message, and please send my very best wishes to your mother. I last saw her in Chichester, when I was directing one of my plays at the Festival Theatre. And the last time I saw Di and Dave was in Truro, Cornwall, when one of my plays was on there! We all attended residential weeks at Lodge Hill, having a wonderful time on summer drama courses, run by an inspirational teacher called Frank Whitbourn. You might like to tell your mother that he died last year, in his early 90's. For many years he and I kept in touch, and I treasure his many witty and wise letters. All good wishes to you and to Katharine.

Way back when she used to spell her name


Yours David


United Kingdom


Comments by Sarah Gilmour



Hi there
I have a very old cassette of The Gingerbread Man musical. Is there anywhere I can get it on CD? I loved listening to it in the car on long journeys when I was little and I'd love my children to do the same but with modern technology I only have a CD player in my car!
Thank you

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for your message. Sadly THE GINGERBREAD MAN is not on CD. There are still cassettes available, but so far there has been no demand for CDs. If we revive the play - it is 30 years old this year - we will probably re-issue the story and songs on CD. Maybe you could transfer the cassette to a CD, then you could play it in the car! If you want to purchase a new cassette, just let me know!

All good wishes,



United Kingdom


Comments by Jeri Sue Seefeldt



Hi David, We are two school teachers who are writing a grant on children's theater. I was wondering if you are doing any workshops this summer, or directing any shows etc. that we could take part in. I am the high school theater teacher and have an already establhished theater class that performs just kids theater. (Your book helped alot) The other teacher does theater in her classroom on a much smaller scale. We are collaberating on our projects. Lots of fun...and lots of work! Anyway, any help to point us in the right direction would be great. We need dates and places to write into the grant. Thanks for any help. Jeri

Dear Jeri,

Good to hear from you. If I understand you correctly, you and your friend want to come to London and take part in workshops. I am afraid I don't know of any children's theatre workshops next summer. Maybe I should be trying to organise some! It looks as though I might well be directing a play for children in the Open Air Theatre at Regent's Park in July/August. I am afraid I don't think you could take part in the show, but you might be able to attend a rehearsal. Glad to hear that my book helped you. I suggest you contact Polka Theatre in Wimbledon, (South London) and Unicorn Theatre in central London. These two theatres only do children's plays, and organise workshops for children. You might be able to participate in these somehow.

All good wishes,



United States


Comments by Sinead Mc Donagh



I am doing an extract from the Gingerbread Man (Sleek the Mouse speaking) for an up-coming exam. I wanted to find out about you and i found this very interseting! Wish me luck!

Dear Sinead, Thank you for your message, and VERY GOOD LUCK for your exam. I hope you enjoy playing Sleek the Mouse. I suppose the difficult thing is saying his spoonerisms (when he gets his words muddled up) very confidently, then suddenly realising that you have got them wrong! Quite tricky, but great fun too! All good wishes, David




Comments by jeri



Hi David, I am an acting teacher at the high school level. I have one class that is devoted to performing children's theater for our local grade schools. I have used your book to help guide me in my show choices and my cirriculum. A grade school teacher and I are going to write a grant on children's theater in the classroom. With this grant you MUST travel to a location.(rats) Anyway, is there any type of workshop that you know of this coming summer? Any type of intership that we could be involved in England? Thanks for your help. Jeri

Dear Jeri, I have answered your message dated November 16th. You should find it on the website! One other thought - NYU (New York University) organise a summer course in London which focuses on children's theatre. It is worth contacting the drama department there for more details. It might be just what you are looking for. Meanwhile, look at my answer on the website for a couple of other ideas! Best wishes, David


United States


Comments by Rozz



I am a student at the University of Central Florida, studying Theatre for Young Audiences. In my Children's Dramatic Literature class I'll soon be giving a presentation on my favorite children's writer- you! Your idea of 'suddenlies' really resounds with my own developing aesthetic of 'rhyme and reason,' and helps me to keep in mind what I really value as important in children's lit. Thank you for all you do, and for all your 'suddenlies'... and for a fantastic website! ; )

Dear Rozz, Thank you so much for your kind comments, and may I wish you lots of luck with your presentation. Maybe my ears will be burning as you talk! Good luck for the future! Best wishes, David


United States


Comments by Gregory Chew



Dear Mr. Wood:
I hope you don't mind my presumption in sending you a word of thanks.
We have had the pleasure of staging several of your plays at Urbana High School, where I have directed to drama program for 32 years. We've staged The Witches, BFG, Babe the Sheep Pig, and just last spring The Twits; my students have thrived under creative challenges met by puppetry, exotic locales, and a lot of imagination. I notice on your website that Danny the Champion of the World is now on tour in England - will the rights be available anytime soon in the U.S.? If so, we'd love to continue our exploration of your landscapes.
I've included a website of photos from The Twits so you can get an idea of what nearly a thousand of our gradeschoolers saw in matinees as guests at the high school.
Many thanks on behalf of the children (and young adults) of Urbana, Illinois.
Gregory Chew
UHS theatre director
Urbana, Illinois, USA

Dear Gregory, Thank you for your message. Delighted to hear that you have directed so many of my plays! I enjoyed looking at the photos of THE TWITS! DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD is now published by Samuel French. Yes, the play is on tour in the UK, and has been very well received. I suggest you contact Samuel French to see whether the rights are available. If you have any problem with this, let me know, and I will ask my agent to chase it up. Sometimes the amateur/community theatre rights are delayed until there have been some professional performances. But certainly not always! Have you done FANTASTIC MR. FOX? I think this would work very well within your High School. Also JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. Or maybe you could try one of my original plays! Thank you so much for getting in touch. David


United States


Comments by Judith



My daughter, who is 6, saw the Twits at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews and enjoyed it a lot. We will keep a look out for your other plays!
We missed the first half of "The Queen's Handbag", and she was distraught. She still mentions it. Do you know if it will be available on DVD?

Dear Judith, Thanks for your message. As far as I know, THE QUEEN'S HANDBAG is to be repeated on BBC1 at Christmas. Please look out for it! There was a plan for it to be released on DVD, but I haven't heard anything about that yet. Fingers crossed for a repeat on television soon! Best wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Ed Glass



Dear David,
My name is Ed Glass,
We met when you came to the BOVTS last year to chat to us. I appreciated you helpful advice and friendly approach. I was wondering if I might get some advice on a new play I have co-written. It is the Tale of Robin Hood, aimed at a young/ family audience. It contains 5 songs but is not a pantomime. The emphasis is on comedy and good storytelling. How do I get someone to put it on?
Yours sincerely,
Ed Glass

Dear Ed, Good to hear from you. You need to look at the market! Who is doing new family plays? Where are they doing them? Might be able to get it tried out by an amateur company? Might a local school be interested in doing it? You don't say how many are in the cast. Few professional plays for children have a cast of more than six or eight, so if there are more characters, they need to be able to be doubled. Have you shown it to Chris Denys? Is it something that students might be interested in doing, as a Christmas season, perhaps? In The Stage (or on the website) there will be lists of the Christmas productions of all the professional theatres. It is worth having a good look and making notes of the kind of theatres that might be interested in producing something other than a traditional pantomime. Good luck with it! All good wishes, Yours David


United Kingdom


Comments by david wood



hi my names david wood to !!!!!!!
i live in england hi!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, our name is rather a common name!

Maybe you should start a David Wood Society!

Best wishes,

Your namesake


United Kingdom


Comments by Jillian Henderson-Long



Hello David.
Some years ago, I interviewed you in your Wimbledon Home for the Wimbledon News. We have met a couple of times by chance in the foyer of Wimbledon Theatre, as well. Having said that, I do not expect you to remember me because I am sure you meet many, many people every day.
I wanted to drop you a line today to let you know that I have just had my first children's book accepted for publication. It is a collection of humourous poems which similtaneously entertains and raises environment awareness in 6 - 9 year olds.
It has been a very uphill struggle to reach this point and I have published a lot of work along the way - but this is my first book and I am, of course, delighted.
I would like to know if you would be interested in taking the time to review the book in due course? If you are too busy, then I completely understand, but I'd be very grateful if you could drop me a line just to let me know one way or the other.
I appreciate your taking the time to read this email.
Kind regards,
J P Henderson-Long


United Kingdom


Comments by Charlie



Hi David,
Like one of your other messages, I am desparately looking for The Old Man of Lochnagar! I remember seeing a televised live performance that I loved and I really want to purchase a copy of this on video/dvd. Do you have any information on where I could find this? Thank you for your help!

Dear Charlie, Thanks for your message. The tv version of the stage play based on THE OLD MAN OF LOCHNAGAR was never released on video, I'm afraid. There was a cassette version, with story and songs. That is no longer available. I will send you an email with some further thoughts! Best wishes, David.


United Kingdom


Comments by Paula Chatfield



When I was about 5-7 years old (early 1970's), I saw The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner (London somewhere - Wimbledon?). I have only a hazy recollection of the details, but an enduring memory that I absolutely loved it, that it was magical. I want my children to be able to have similar experiences of the theatre (they're now 5 and almost 3 years old) but our local theatre seems to major in works for grown-ups! We live in Chichester, so I've emailed Chichester Festival Theatre ( productions@cft.org.uk )in the hope that I can get them to stage your play. Here's hoping it works (I've a hunch that it would be just as magical watching my children watching the play, as it was first time round)!
If this doesn't work, we'll just have to go on a wider hunt - any suggestions?
Thank you for that magic.
Best wishes,

Dear Paula, What a pleasing message! Delighted that PLOTTERS worked for you. You may have seen it at the Shaw Theatre in '71 or '72. By a strange coincidence, Jonathan Church, who is the artistic director of Chichester Festival Theatre, once told me that one of his first theatre-going experiences was THE PLOTTERS OF CABBAGE PATCH CORNER! So maybe he will take your email seriously! The play is still performed quite a lot by professionals in Germany and by amateurs in the UK. Published by Samuel French Ltd. I was at Chichester High School in the late fifties and early sixties. Another coincidence! All good wishes, David.


United Kingdom


Comments by david wood



im saying hello to my namesake thx


Dear Namesake,

Our name is rather common, isn't it? But easy to remember!

Best wishes,



United Kingdom


Comments by CTC



Hi, Mr. Wood-
Will you be coming to see our production of The BFG at the Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis? It would be AMAZING to see you there...

Thanks for your message.

The answer, I am glad to say, is YES. I am due to see two performances of THE BFG in Minneapolis. Sunday October 22nd and Tuesday October 24th.

Much looking forward to it!

Best wishes, David


United States


Comments by Jan



Hi David
I've just returned with my three year old daughter from the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays after seeing this morning's performance of Fimbles Live. It was an exceptional experience! I chose it because I wanted my daughter's first experience of going to the theatre to be positive and fun. We were both very much looking forward to the event - anticipation was high since I'd booked the tickets in April! It surpassed all my expectations! My daughter was a little cautious for the first few minutes but Sarah Jane (who was amazing througout) soon helped her to feel happy and she was joining in with everything after about 10 minutes! Everything was at exactly the right level for her, with lots of variety and opportunities to join in.There could not have been a better introduction for going to the theatre than this. I hope that there'll be another show, next year! Thank you very much!
Jan F

Dear Jan, Many thanks for your enthusiastic message!  I am delighted that your daughter enjoyed FIMBLES LIVE.  I am passing your comments to the producers and to Sarah Jane and the cast.  They will all be very happy to receive this positive reaction! The show has been touring for some time, sometimes in the extreme heat we have been experiencing!  But the cast always give their all. When I was writing it, just after Christmas, I became very fond of the characters in FIMBLES.  They offer all sorts of possibilities for happy participation.  And Roly Mo is a hero, I feel!  He champions the whole idea of story and reading and love of books. I would like to be able to tell you that there will be another production on the road next year.  But I'm not sure.  SPOT'S BIRTHDAY PARTY was a possibility - it hasn't toured for some years.  But no news so far! And there is a possibility that I might be adapting PERCY THE PARK KEEPER! All good wishes, and thank you for taking the trouble to write. David


United Kingdom


Comments by Les Hoey



Hello David, i am one of your biggest fans and my best story is the gingerbread man.
my son loves all your creations!

Dear Les, Thank you for your kind message.  So glad your son enjoys my work!  Look out for the return of MOLE'S BEDTIME STORY (Random House) in January. All good wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Sara Tarpey



Hello David, i think your play, the gingerbread man is great, i also have the video and all the other stories are fab!

Dear Sara, So glad you like THE GINGERBREAD MAN.  Have your read the storybook version too?  I realised the other day that THE GINGERBREAD MAN (the play) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year!  It would be nice to celebrate this by putting on a production, possibly in London.  But these things are not always easy to arrange! Glad you have the video.  In fact there were two videos released, but when the company who made the television programmes was taken over, the policy changed, and no further episodes were made.  Shame! Thanks for your message, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Amy Rose



Hi David
Just to say thank you as you were a wonderful director, i really enjoy being one of the flock. I am loving the show and would like to congratulate you and all the other actors and would like Mel to recover. I wish you all the best with the next production.
What will be your next production be that includes children?
Thank You
I enjoyed being in the show.
From Amy

Dear Amy,

Lovely to hear from you! I'm delighted that you enjoy being one of the flock in BABE, THE SHEEP-PIG. All the sheep work extremely hard, and the audience reaction shows how well everybody is acting.

Melody is much better, and, as you know, still gives a wonderful performance as Ma.

Have you seen the wonderful review on www.londontheatre.co.uk? There is a whole paragraph devoted to the sheep and puppies, and how good you all are! Show it to Freddie!

I am not sure what my next production will be that includes children. But I can tell you that DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD goes into rehearsal next month. It will be touring for two years! I am not directing it myself, but have adapted it from Roald Dahl's splendid book.

See you soon! So glad you are having a good time at the Open Air Theatre!

Best wishes,



United Kingdom


Comments by Andrew Hoey



hello david, i think the tv programme, the gingerbread man is brilliant! I think that All your work is Great! I'd love to see the gingerbread man back on tv again

Dear Andrew, So glad you like the television programmes based on my play, THE GINGERBREAD MAN.  I agree that it would be nice to see the programmes on television again! Best wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Simon isherwod



hi david, i thought the gingerbread man was great and i have got a video of it,
is it possible to make new episodes of it?

Dear Simon, Thank you for your kind comments about THE GINGERBREAD MAN.  I would love to make some new episodes, but the company that originally made it was sold to another company, who were not interested in making more episodes.  Maybe I should try to find another company! Best wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Toby



I am sure you get a great deal of people saying thankyou. But I genuinely want to thank you for making my childhood so much more magical with your performances. Thats honestly all I wanted to say. But it cheers my heart to see this site and the creativity you are still bringing to the world. You are in a way very sadly unique but thankyou again.

Dear Toby, You are very kind!  I have thoroughly enjoyed my career, writing, performing and directing plays for children.  For me, the enthusiastic response of children means much more than from adults!  Children are more of a challenge!  I don't think I am really "unique".  There are lots of people who passionately enjoy producing work for children.  But your flattering message was delightful to receive! Best wishes, David


United Kingdom


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