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As a result of this guestbook, over the last couple of years, I have been lucky enough to receive messages from all over the world. 

This has brightened up my life no end! 

When what is often a fairly hard grind at the desk turns into something that gives people pleasure performing and watching, the process doesn’t seem quite as lonely.

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Comments by Nick Hanning



Hi. We loved Mole's Bedtime Story when our son was young (as did he) and wanted to get it for a young niece. However, Amazon say they cannot get it so would you be able to tell me where to order it?
Many thanks

Dear Nick, The good news is that MOLE'S BEDTIME STORY will be re-published by Random House in January 2007.  Richard Fowler has even done some new illustrations for it!  But the story is the same. Incidentally, the other two MOLE books - MOLE'S SUMMER STORY and MOLE'S WINTER STORY are available from Amazon. Sometimes a second-hand copy of the original BEDTIME STORY becomes availably on eBay or Amazon but I am glad to say that most people who have bought the book like to hang on to it! Hope you can wait until January! Best wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Kate Lane



Hi David
I have come accross your site in a search for information about the stage play of The Old Man of Lochnagar. As a child I went to see it with my parents and fondly remember getting the book and audio tape of the show the following christmas. I can still remember some of the songs now! Memories flooded back at watching the 3min clip of it on your site, however is there any chance you could help me out with finding a copy of that tape, I have children of my own now and would love them to be able to hear the story as i did.?

Dear Kate, Thank you for your message.  I too have fond memories of THE OLD MAN OF LOCHNAGAR.  Sadly it didn't quite take off, and there have not been many productions since the original one. I will send you a separate e-mail as soon as I can discover if I can find you the copy of the audio tape version of the show. It is no longer available from shops.  But I may have some copies. All good wishes. Yours David


United Kingdom


Comments by Jane



Dear David,
Ronda Armitage's seies of books about The Lighthouse Keeper are a large feature of our Year 2 literacy curriculum in Term 1. Is it possible to obtain a copy of your script for the play adaptation of the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch?
Love your work and more impportantly so do my children.
Knid regards

Dear Jane, Thanks for your message.  THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER'S LUNCH is due to be published any day now by J. Weinberger Ltd.  They are at 12-14 Mortimer Street, London, W1T 3JJ. 

Many thanks for your kind words! All good wishes, David




Comments by Angela



Who was the actor who played the child catcher at Buckingham Palace

Dear Angela, Richard O'Brien played the Child Catcher.  Richard was the first actor to play the role in the musical theatre version of CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG at the London Palladium some years ago.  He is, of course, the famous creator of the ROCKY HORROR SHOW. All good wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Eddie Grist



Hello Mr Wood,
firstl ythank you so much for writing suxh excellent & fun books as funny bunny's magic show and Moles Summer story I have read stories to my 1 year every night since she was born, I first saw bunny's on teklevision and had to get it for my daughter and we enjoyed so much we immediatley ordered both of moles books unforunately we cannot het hold of moles winter story, I was hoping that you could help by either directing me to a bookseller that would have a copy or allowing me to buy a copy directly from yourself, my daughter loves these books so much the fun times we have had applauding bunny's magic or helping Mole chse
after his hat.
I do hope you can help.
Many thanks

Thank you for your message and kind words about FUNNY BUNNY'S MAGIC SHOW AND MOLE'S SUMMER STORY.  Delighted that your daughter enjoys them. I will send you a separate e-mail with details of how to buy MOLE'S WINTER STORY. You may be interested to know that the first MOLE book, entitled MOLE'S BEDTIME STORY, will be republished in January by Random House. All good wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Andrew Jackson



Hi there, I am looking for the words and music for the song Whizzpopping from The BFG. Can you help me find a copy please. Many thanks Andrew

Dear Andrew,

Sorry I can't help you on this! My stage adaptation of THE BFG was a play, not a musical. I am not sure which version contained the song you are looking for! But I wish you all the best in your search.

Best wishes,



United Kingdom


Comments by Ross Holland



Dear David,
Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my message.
I do hope we get to work together in the not too distant future. Best wishes for you continued success.


United Kingdom


Comments by Dorothy Chadburn



Dear David Wood
I hope to direct 'Babe-the Sheep-Pig' this coming December. It will be 'in the round', in Chertsey Hall. When I discovered that it was being presented at Regent's Park this summer my first thought was "costumes" ! I contacted Angie Burns, the wardrobe mistress and she said I need to get permission from you to hire them - hence this message. I would need them in December for 2 week-ends (we try to get in as many matinees as possible). My group is Staines Players, a well respected Surrey group, formed in 1951 and I have directed many of their children's shows including Wizard of Oz, Sleeping Beauty, Huckleberry Finn, Toad of Toad Hall and many others. I am a retired Drama Teacher so I am supposed to know what I am doing !
I am applying for grants already to help us with the show, as we are the usual impoverished Drama Group, and on the main grant form from Runnymede Council they want to know the cost of the costumes. So first of all, please may we hire them ? If you give permission I can obtain cost info from Angie. I do hope you will say Yes.
We are really looking forward to the show although we realise it will be a challenge in more ways than one.
I look forward to hearing from you
Dorothy Chadburn

Dear Dorothy Chadburn,

Thank you for your message. Delighted to hear that you are working on BABE, THE SHEEP-PIG.

The costumes for my Regent's Park production belong to the Theatre Royal, Norwich. They were designed by Susie Caulcutt.

As far as I know, they will be returning to Norwich when the production finishes at the end of August. However, Regent's Park will have first option on their use next year. Whether or not all parties will be able to agree to hire them to the Staines Players, I honesty don't know.

I suggest you contact Will Hill at the Theatre Royal, Norwich, and also drop a line to Ian Talbot, the Artistic Director at Regent's Park.

Sorry I cannot help more. But the costumes don't belong to me!

All good wishes,

Yours sincerely



United Kingdom


Comments by Antonella



Good evening. My name is Antonella and I’m from Italy. I find your site searching information about beautiful movie “IF…”, one of my favorite movies of ever, in which you had acted so fine.
First: I can’t never forget “the Crusaders”, you fabulous five actors with great director Lindsay Anderson! I found two interesting books about the movie, with so nice information, especially these:
- I read that McDowell, Warwick and you were in a different hotel respect the other actors, to increase the distance from them.
- And that, unfortunately, you are partly deaf in your right ear, from firing a stun gun in the film (in my opinion, the war scene is one of the best ones) .
- I read also the funny phrase that you three boys were often in laughs while you played a scene, which made the director infuriated.
I think that today nobody could make this type of film! What a pity!
I saw also tv-movie “Longitude” and was a pleasant surprise to see you there.
But I fear an actor prefers to speak about new projects, so I go ahead…
Second: I’m surprised by your web site, so I couldn’t resist to write to you. Here, you talking about yourself and your work, so rare from an artist!
I like theatre and I’m happy you could have this career, that you had started when you are so young! Working for children should be wonderful!
I like also the illustrations in these pages. Are you the author?
I see you was crowned with an OBE from the Queen!!! What a honor for you!
Unfortunately, I fear I couldn’t never see you on theatre. Do you think I could see other works on TV? For example, on satellite, I can see BBC, so I would like to see you there…
Best regards

Dear Antonella, Thank you for your lovely message. Yes, everything you have read about IF ... is true!  One day I must write down a few more of my memories from filming IF ...  almost 40 years ago.  What a thought!  Delighted you enjoyed looking at my website.  Most of it I write myself, but I have a wonderful web master who designs it! I am afraid that I only rarely perform on television now.  But you might catch the films ACES HIGH and NORTH SEA HIJACK, in which I had nice roles! All good wishes, David




Comments by Maura



Hi. I live in Reading. Please can you tell me where I could buy a copy of Funny Bunny's Magic Show. Searched everywhere but can't find it. We saw it on the Tweenies and my daughter has been talking about it since.

Thank you, Maura.  I will e-mail you about this.  In fact, there is information in the CHILDREN'S BOOKS section about how you can buy the book. Best wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Emma



Hello David
I've just seen your Funny Bunny book being read on the Tweenies and it was fab.
Where can I get a copy pronot?

I will e-mail you about this.  In fact, there is information in the CHILDREN'S BOOKS section about how you can buy the book. Best wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Mrs Victoria Fawcett



Please can you tell me where I can purchase a copy of Funny bunnys magic show book

I will e-mail you about this.  In fact, there is information in the CHILDREN'S BOOKS section about how you can buy the book. Best wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by ANDY STURROCK.




Thank you, Andy for your message.  Delighted that IF ... is one of your favourite movies. I remember the scene where we stole the motorbike very well.  It was filmed in Wimbledon.  On that day, my mother and stepfather came to watch the filming.  Their blue Morris 1000 car is visible in the road outside the garage! The scene in the Packhorse Cafe was all shot in a day.  It was a real transport cafe.  I seem to remember it was on the A1, but I may be wrong. I'm glad you liked it when I put Mick's saucer on his cup, to keep his tea warm.  That was my own idea, which Lindsay Anderson liked and allowed me to include! Difficult to accept that it was nearly 40 years ago ... All good wishes, David




Comments by Ross Holland



Dear David,
I hope that you are keeping well (and busy). We met very briefly in December 2004 when I appeared as Salt in Brentwood Theatre's production of the fabulous 'The Gingerbread Man'. I truly adored playing Salt and had a great time at Brentwood Theatre.
I thought that I would take this downright,blatantly 'cheeky' opportunity of asking if you would possibly consider casting me in a future production of 'Gingerbread..' were you to direct it.
I see in your Latest News section that you are possibly looking at another production of the show, perhaps at Norden Farm Theatre, at Christmas this year.
I hope that I am not being presumptious and 'cheeky', but a role like Salt is a dream.
Take care , and thanks for tolerating my 'forwardness'.
Best Wishes,
Ross Holland.

Dear Ross, Thanks for your message. I'm afraid there are no immediate plans for THE GINGERBREAD MAN. But I will keep you in mind if and when the situation changes! Glad you enjoyed playing Salt. Best wishes, David.


United Kingdom


Comments by Rosemary Ellerbeck



David, we chatted at the WCWA congress in Plymouth and I bought some of your books. I wanted to tell yolu what an impression two of them made on my grandchildren, nearly two and four and a half respectively. They adored the ones about the
magic rabbit and the mole. My grandson who is quite a sophisticated four year old into computers couldn't leave rabbit alone and we had to do it over and over again!. Granddaughter loved Mole. Any more like that? Also where do you do your magic shows? Grandson Tom adores magic. Best wishes Rosemary

Dear Rosemary, Many thanks for your message. I'm delighted that the books went down well! There are three MOLE titles. Mole's Winter Story, Mole's Summer Story and Mole's Bedtime Story. The first two are both available at £6 each including postage from me. I will email you more details. Mole's Bedtime Story will be republished by Random House in January 2007. Under The Bed is not a pop through the slot book, but it has a big pop-up on the last spread. Not published in the UK (yet, says he hopefully!), I sell the American edition for £6.00. You might find another of our slot books, SILLY SPIDER on the internet - Amazon perhaps. It is no longer published, yet is very popular. No magic shows coming up, sadly. But I am doing an event with some magic and stories at the Hay Festival on Tuesday 30th May. I much enjoyed meeting you all in Plymouth. Thank you so much for your interest! Best wishes, David.


United Kingdom


Comments by Alan Gray



Hi David my 7yr old autistic son has been really enjoying the gingerbread man video.He has very little vocalisations but has almost recited the words to the song and his eyes light up at the mention of the gingerbread mans song.Brightens up the day.From the tip of my toes to the top of my head i wish to thank you for a wonderful story and song.

Dear Alan, Thank you so much for your message.  I am delighted that THE GINGERBREAD MAN video is "working" for your son.  Over the years we have presented the stage play in many places and to every kind of audience - children of every ability, and it has always been rewarding to see how the character of the GINGERBREAD MAN, surrounded by giant plates and the other Welsh dresser characters, appeals to virtually all of them!  I remember seeing the play in Japan, and, even though they don't have gingerbread men there (!), the play still worked and the children joined in at the same places. The video version was something of a departure for me, but the animators were so clever and caring that I always felt we had translated the story to the small screen pretty successfully. There were two videos produced.  I am not sure which one your have!  But I am really glad that your son has been enjoying it. All good wishes, David Wood


United Kingdom


Comments by Joost van Wilsum



Dear David
I´d like to read your books because they´re good for my English and they´re are nice to read.
thanks for writing


Dear Joost, Many thanks for your message.  Delighted you like reading my books! I have enjoyed several visits to the Netherlands.  Sometimes there have been productions of my plays in Rotterdam and smaller places. All good wishes, David




Comments by laura dockrill



Hello David, you came to our university last month (Middlesex) and gave us a interesting talk at our literary festival. i have got your book on writing theatre for children and find it really helpful- is there any other books or websites that could give me some help on wrting theatre for children? thankyou, Laura

Dear Laura, Thank you for your message.  Glad you enjoyed my talk.  There are quite a few books about children's drama, by which I mean drama in which children take part.  Many of these are on sale in the National Theatre bookshop and in the Samuel French Theatre Bookshop.  Look at the Samuel French website and see if there is anything that interests you. Unfortunately, there are not many books about theatre written and performed by adults for children, which is really what I am all about!  This was one reason why I wrote my book!  Some years ago Alan England wrote a book called, I think, THEATRE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE or some such.  You will probably find it on the Amazon website.  It is interesting, but maybe a little bit out of date now.  There is also a book published by ASSITEJ, the international organisation representing children's theatre companies and practitioners.  Several of us were asked to write about our work and our companies.  Quite whether it will help you in terms of writing for children, I am not sure.  But it is well worth a look.  It is called THEATRE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE, edited by Stuart Bennett  You could look for it on a website - www.aurocametro.com .  Or you could look on the ASSITEJ website, which is www.assitejuk.org . Good luck with it all! All good wishes, Yours David


United Kingdom


Comments by Pauline P



Hope you can help, I am trying to find the video (or any other info) on Rock Nativity. If my memory serves me well it was televised by STV in 1975 (I was there)!
I was first involved with the production in Newcastle whilst working at the the Theatre Royal and I have many fond memories of the shows and the wonderful cast. Have you any info please?
Many thanks.

Dear Pauline P,

Thank you for your message.

You are right about STV televising ROCK NATIVITY, but video was in its infancy and I don't know if a copy exists, I'm afraid. The show is published by Weinbergers and is still popular with schools and amateur operatic societies. But no commercial recording has ever been released. However, Weinbergers recorded, a few years ago, a demo to send out to prospective producers. The cast were very talented members of the National Youth Musical Theatre, several of whom have successfully turned professional, including Michael Jibson and Akiya Henry. You can hear tracks on the music and video section of my website. Or you could even ask Josef Weinberger Ltd if you could have a CD!!! They are in Mortimer Street, London W1.

The very first production of ROCK NATIVITY was at the Playhouse, Newcastle - the year before the touring production you remember, which opened, as you say, at the Theatre Royal. In the band of the first production was a young guitarist called Gordon Sumner - as I'm sure you know, he married the Virgin Mary (Frances Tomelty), changed his name to Sting, and the rest is history!

Sadly, the touring production never managed to open in the West End of London and an album was never recorded. I wonder if the original STV video tapes survive anywhere.....somehow I doubt it!

I still meet up with Tony Hatch, with whom (with Jackie Trent) I wrote the show, and we are hoping to write another show together, three decades on!!!

All good wishes,

David Wood.


United Kingdom


Comments by Richard Vowles



Finally - someone who knows where I might be able to get a copy of the Owl and the Pussycat went to see (with Harry Seacombe). I have the LP but it is terrible quality from overuse as a child and my wife and two children would love to listen to it. Any help much appreciated!

Dear Richard, Thanks for your message.  Yes, I can supply a cassette copy of THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT WENT TO SEE ...  I will send you an e-mail with more details.  Delighted to know you are interested in this musical play, which was my first successful one.  Written with Sheila Ruskin in 1968, based on the verses and stories of Edward Lear, it was commissioned by the Swan Theatre, Worcester.  Then it came to London, and played Christmas seasons in various theatres for about 9 years.  Meanwhile lots of other theatres did their own versions, I am glad to say.  The play is still very much alive, particularly with amateur groups.  I would love to organise a revival.  The recorded version, with Harry Secombe, Roy Castle and Hattie Jacques was a wonderful bonus, thanks to Philips Records! All good wishes, Yours David Wood


New Zealand


Comments by Rachael



I recently found an old cassette tape of your songbook whilst looking through my childhood posessions...it was bought for me by my mum when we went to see one of your shows in Bedfordshire in the late 1980s. I've listened to it since and it brought back so many happy memories! I can't believe that probably sixteen or so years on, I can still remember all the words!

Dear Rachael, Many thanks for your message.  So glad that THE DAVID WOOD SONGBOOK brought back memories for you!  It still does the same for me!  Whenever I perform the DAVID WOOD MAGIC AND MUSIC SHOW, I use this tape for the music before the show, during the interval, and after the show!  So I still get to hear it quite regularly!  I still sell copies of the cassette, really I should get round to putting it on CD. Best wishes, David Wood


United Kingdom


Comments by jenny abbott



Will silly spider be published again - my children adored this book hence it is falling apart now I am on my third child (who also loves it) and I am desperate to buy another copy! Every child who comes across it loves it so I puzzled as to why it is no longer available? Any suggestions?

Dear Jenny Abbott, Thanks for your message.  If only Random House would re-publish SILLY SPIDER!  One of the problems is that the company who published it, Doubleday/Transworld, were taken over by Random House, and although lots of the same editorial staff are there, their publishing programme has changed. This book does appear quite often on Amazon - both new and used copies, I think.  So I would advise you to have a look there! Meanwhile, I hope your copy lasts out a bit longer! All good wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by Jasmine Cooray



I am a drama student down at Sussex University, doing a project on the adaptation of children's literary fiction to the stage. I wonder if you were available for an interview within the next five weeks?
Kind Regards,
Jasmine Cooray

Dear Jasmin, Thanks for your message.  It may be possible to give you an hour or so.  I will send you a separate e-mail. Meanwhile, good luck with your project. Best wishes, David


United Kingdom


Comments by one of the wednesday ladies



My grandson is delighted with your Mole books and takes it to bed with him every night to 'read' At 4 he can tell the story word for word as mole pops thro the pages and he has to go back into his sleigh each night.I have Moles summer book for his next 'sleep over'as he wants another mole story with different pictures!!
thank you for giving a small child such pleasure. it is wonderful to see. regards Jane

Dear Jane, Thank you so much for your lovely message.  It is always a pleasure to hear that these books are popular with children.  Richard Fowler and I try very hard to create novelty books that will be fun and that young children will almost see as a toy!  Something to love!  Hopefully this leads to a real liking for books as they grow older. I am happy to tell you the first Mole book, MOLE'S BEDTIME STORY, will be republished by Random House in September. All good wishes, Yours David


United Kingdom


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